Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Dear head master of vocational school Sakti Gemolong.
We respect teacher and employees.
Gratitud we say the presence of almighty god. Allah. Who had mersy on him so that we can attend this event. I have here will tell the tale.
Kind of farmers
In one village, there lived an old farmer. This farmer lived alone and very poor, his clothes and his house full of fillings made from a wooden shack. Winter has arrived, Mr. Farmer did not have food, also do not have firewood to warm themselves, so today Mr. Farmer was leaving for the market to find a job. When out of the house, he saw an egg lying there on the snowy ground.
Carefully picked up the eggs and brought into the house. Mr. Farmer's eggs covered with a rag and put it in a box to keep warm. After that he went to the market to work.
Mr. Farmer made it a warm egg every day until the eggs hatch. It turns out that eggs are eggs Gull, the parent may drop it when they wanted to move to a warmer place. Mr. Farmer Gull little treat with great affection. He was always divide each of the food she got from working in the market. When to leave it alone Gull, Mr. Farmer will put it in a box and turn on the fireplace to keep warm Gull. The days passed, a small gull bird grows bigger. Mr. Farmer consciously, Gull is not going to stay with him forever. With tears in his eyes, Mr. Farmer let's Gull to go south, to someplace warm.
One day, Mr. Farmer is sick with cold, he had no money to buy medicine, firewood and food.
Tok ... tok tok ..... ......., a voice from the door of the house of Mr Farmer.
It turns out that the Seagull again, there diparuhnya seeds.
Mr. Farmer was surprised to remember Gull, Gull let it go and gave him a drink. Looking at the seeds carried by birds gulls, Mr. Farmer was wondering ... is this seed? Can I plant it in the middle of winter? she wondered.
Seagull out of the house of Mr Farmer, a hole in Mr. Farmer's home page and then planted the seed. When at dusk the day it left the Gull Mr. Farmer.
The next day, a miracle happened, the Seagull seeds planted grow into a complete tree with fruit just in one day! Mr. Farmer was very surprised to see it.
Hunger, Mr. Farmer eating the fruit of the tree. Miraculously, his body became strong and she did not feel sick. Because of miracles, Mr. Farmer called the tree was the Tree Gods, because men can make Mr. Farmer became well again.
Mr. Farmer was a good tree care. Although the winter, the tree continues to bear fruit and do not become dry. Mr. Farmer sells the fruit and get a lot of money.
Now Mr. Farmer is no longer cold and hunger. Even so, Mr. Farmer still generous, he remembered that he had received what is now the fruits of his sincerity to help our fellow beings.

Walaikumsalam wr.wb

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